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about the retreat

at home in your heart

Are you are woman who:


         Desires to simultaneously advocate for yourself and go with the flow, while still being compassionate and in consideration

         of the needs of others? 

         Wants to connect to yourself and your heart, listening to what you truly want out of your precious life?


         Longs to open up and share life with others with less attachment to whether or not she is liked or pleases them? 


         Knows that listening to your heart and being vulnerable is the key to a fulfilling life, and seeks tools for building trust and 

         safety in communication with yourself and others?


         Has big dreams for your life -- deep down you believe you can accomplish them -- and yearns for momentum 

         & fearlessness?

what the retreat includes

Four nights at the enchanting and special Dancing Spirit Ranch where you will have your own private room (first come, first serve basis plus a small additional fee) or a shared room and enjoy the group activities in beautiful settings throughout the ranch


10 meals and snacks with careful attention to the most nourishing and healthy foods that will be made by our own private chef


The Daring Way™ curriculum taught by a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator - Candidate, Sara Hughes-Zabawa, LCSW and co-facilitated by Toni Hughes, LCSW who is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator. 

All materials for our creative experiential sessions


Yoga, meditation, hikes and other body and soul-nurturing activities

retreat location

Our special retreat location is the Dancing Spirit Ranch in Whitefish, Montana.

"Dancing Spirit Ranch is a peaceful yet dynamic place of conscious co-creation between man and nature. Where the earth, the elements and the natural cycles of life are given center stage in the incredible beauty of Montana. A meeting place of ancient tradition and new wisdom, we celebrate the animals and winged ones who share this land and sky, as well as the voices of the trees, the stones, the mountains and the stars. We also celebrate your voice...for in the stillness, splendor and simplicity that one can experience here, you can begin to feel the rhythm of your own heart while breathing deeply in connection with nature. With space to listen, you can start to hear and ultimately share the quiet voice that has often been silenced in our rushing world. This is the invitation we extend to you...a place to bring your creative, joyful spirit along with your family, friends and community." 

dancing spirit ranch


Each day will provide:

  - guided gentle Yoga and meditation practice

  - interactive participation in learning the Daring Way™ curriculum (read more below) 

  - 3 nourishing meals and daily snacks

   - Ample free time to explore the property, reflect silently and connect with others

The retreat will close a with celebration and time to consider how to integrate new learnings into daily life

the daring way

Are you ready to transform the way you live, love and lead? If you answer yes, this workshop, created from the groundbreaking research of Dr. Brené Brown, is for you.

If you resonate with any of the following points, your life will be enriched by this course:

     You struggle feeling like you’re not enough

     You feel alone and/or lonely

     You want to be authentic but don’t know how

     You want deeper and more meaningful connections with others

     You want to be brave, but are scared

     You want more confidence and good feeling about yourself.

Together, we’ll explore the topics of courage, vulnerability, shame and perfectionism, and get curious about the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that hold us back. We’ll have the opportunity to make new choices and create practices that will move us to a more authentic and wholehearted way of living, to “show up, be seen and live brave.”

We’ll watch exclusive training videos as Brené introduces each topic, followed by reflection and group discussion.  You’ll receive a Daring Way™ Workbook to support your learning, as well as provide a source of reference as you implement positive change in your life.

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