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Embrace Your Story

your investment

Your all inclusive wellness retreat experience (room & board, food, retreat materials, yoga etc.) is $2299 if you register before July 1st or $2399 after July 2nd. Sharing a room reduces the price to $1799 before July 1st and $1899 thereafter. All participants pay a non-refundable $519 deposit.

For local guests staying off-site, your retreat experience is $1099 before July 1st and $1199 thereafter.


Every participant receives:

  • Pre-Retreat Individualized self-love consultation with Sara & Andrea ($250 value)

  • Post-Retreat Support call with Sara or Andrea ($100 value)

Additional deals include:

  • $100 off if you sign up with a friend (email for promo code)

  • $100 off if you share a room (email for promo code) 

We offer payment plans to support greater financial flexibility. Email us for an individualized payment plan.


Payment Plan Example: a $519 deposit (non-refundable), then $317/mo for 6 months, paid in full by October with a $5/mo fee for payment plan program


Share a room and save $500!

Bring a friend and save $100!


how to register

  1. Reach out to Andrea & Sara via email ~ and schedule an inquiry call 

  2. After your inquiry call, Sara or Andrea will invoice you for your $519 non-refundable deposit and schedule a payment plan with you or invoice you to pay in full.

  3. Join the Fearless Self-Love Facebook Group to stay in touch for future calls and retreat planning.

frequently asked questions

What are the dates and times?

  • Wednesday, November 6th at 3 p.m. through Sunday, November 10th at 10 a.m.


What are the payment options?

  • Nonrefundable $500 deposit plus $2299 before July 1 and $2399 after

  • You can take advantage of our payment plan by paying $317/month for 6 months for a private room, due by 11/6/19 or $234/month for a shared room cost. Payment plans include an additional $5/month processing fee.


Do I have my own room or will I be sharing?

  • We have private rooms on a first come, first claim basis for a cost of $2299 (or $2399 after July 1) for the retreat . Share a room and save $500! (If you bring a friend, but both have your own room, you can still save $100!)

What if I have dietary restrictions?

  • We can accommodate all dietary needs. Please let us know ahead of time so our chef can prepare.

Can I come late on Thursday?

  • We would prefer you did NOT arrive late, but we are willing to work with guests ahead a time according to their needs. 


What if I want to come early or stay late?

  • Whitefish is a tourist delight, and we think time to explore the area is a fantastic idea! There are many wonderful hotels and accommodations that you can book online.


Who could help me with travel plans?

  • We are happy to talk to you about how to get to Whitefish--it is a little remote! Call us, and we will give you some ideas.

  • If you are flying, we recommend using Glacier Park International airport which is only 5.4 miles from the Ranch. You can arrange a carpool or book an Uber taxi for a ride.

be in touch

Please contact us with any questions you might have! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

XOXO - Andrea & Sara

Thanks! Message sent.

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